Assertive Management Group Services

The Assertive Management Group (AMG) is an offshoot of the Hope Housing Foundation. Our team of dedicated professionals focuses on helping other property owners manage their assets. Our team wants to extend their expertise in affordable housing to help owners of single and multi-family properties with their on-going challenges. Assertive Management Group uses a multi-pronged approach to managing client properties.

Working well with the client

It all begins with establishing a good working relationship with the property owners. Our team works with the owner to determine to what level the property should be maintained. We provide frequent and effective communication with the owner on all aspects of managing the property. We also focus on providing superior customer service that exceeds the property owners’ expectations.

Helping the client achieve the best financial results

Maximizing the financial results of the property is part of the expertise that the Assertive Management Group brings to each client. We do this by first managing risk. We perform appropriate checks on prospective renters to ensure the quality of tenants does not diminish. We also assist in meeting insurance requirements and other areas of regulation. Assertive Management Group monitors safety and compliance regulations on each site.

Maintaining the property

Our team also maximizes a property’s financial results by keeping the property itself in good working order. We develop and implement plans for routine maintenance, following industry best practices and the owner’s expectations. This implementation helps protect the property’s value as an asset.

Training and retaining qualified staff

Effective on-site staff is another part of good property management. It starts with hiring, training, and supervising employees to perform routine maintenance and to handle immediate tenant needs. The Assertive Management Group trains employees to offer strong customer service skills to all tenants and prospective tenants. To keep turnover to a minimum and to keep on-site stability, we work to create and sustain a challenging and rewarding work environment for employees.

Financial reporting

The Assertive Management Group takes an active role in providing accurate financial reporting to the property owners. We prepare monthly and quarterly financial reports for the owners, associated agencies and tax credit investors. We provide accurate accounting and bookkeeping records as a part of preparing needed independent and annual financial statements.

Managing and directing major rehabilitation projects on properties

The Assertive Management Group also manages and directs major rehabilitation projects on the properties. When Hope Housing or any other owner purchases a distressed property, AMG oversees or manages the rehabilitation process with the general contractors. When the rehab is complete, there is an official Lease Up period in which the community is reinhabited.

Professional property management can make a real difference whether a property is profitable or not. If you need help managing your property, give the Assertive Management Group a call. You can reach us at (214)842-8383 or Contact Us via email. We are located at 7290 Virginia Parkway, Suite 2300 in McKinney, Texas.